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Treat your dog like a king or queen with the unique absorbent microfibre towel from Royal Dry.
The Royal Dry towel absorbs water and dirt like a sponge, is extremely durable and super soft. In addition, it does not absorb odours and is antibacterial. In short: unique in its kind! Because of its unique design, you can place your hands in the towel. This allows you to optimally control your dog while drying, without getting dirty yourself. Dries super fast and is perfectly washable!

Ideal for 

  • On the move
  • After washing your dog
  • After a long walk in rainy weather
  • To clean the paws
  • To clean your dog before getting into the car
  • To please your dog

What's the secret?
The Royal Dry products contain a special microfibre, called chenille. Each 'noodle' is made of millions of ultra-fine threads. As a result, the total surface area is actually much larger than we can see. Thanks to these fibres, the towel can absorb and hold 7 x its own weight! 

Microfibres chenille/100 % polyester.

Washing instructions
Machine washable up to 30°

14 x 32 in