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Royal Dry Door mat
Treat your dog like a king or queen with the unique absorbent microfibre door mat and sleeping mat from Royal Dry. This Royal Dry door mat can be used in 2 ways. As a great sleeping place (super comfortable and soft), or as a doormat to prevent dirty paws in the house. The Royal Dry door mat absorbs water and dirt like a sponge, is extremely durable and super soft. The Royal Dry door mat dries quickly, does not absorb nasty odours and is antibacterial. In addition, the entire floor contains an anti-slip layer so the mat does not slide anywhere and is perfectly washable at 30 degrees in the washing machine!   

  • Has microfibre 'noodles' as well as moisture-absorbing fibres in between
  • Absorbs moisture up to 7 times its own weight
  • With a durable and unique anti-slip profile
  • Perfect for your dog to use after bathing
  • Ideal soft lying area for your dog
  • Very practical for in the car
  • The perfect door mat
  • Fits any interior

What's the secret? 
All Royal Dry products contain a special microfibre, called chenille. Each “noodle” is made of millions of ultra-fine threads. As a result, the total surface area is actually much larger than we can see. Thanks to these fibres, the door mat can absorb and hold 7 x its own weight! 

Microfibre chenille / 100% polyester

Wash instructions
Machine washable up to 30C

ROYA0024 - M - 26 x 36 in
ROYA0026 - L - 36 x 60 in