About Us

Seeds of Inspiration

Zooneepet evolved from an idea to deliver a unified discovery, diversion and shopping experience for today's pet owner. It caters to the modern, conscious pet owner, with a particular focus on millennials, Gen Z’s, as well as emerging multicultural pet-owning communities.

Who We Are

We’re a U.S.-based vertical marketplace dedicated to curating and promoting a portfolio of unique, eco-friendly pet products.

Zooneepet is not just Pet Friendly

We’re kind of pet-obsessed, but in a good way. We know you love your pets, and value your time and money. The zooneepet team works diligently to source products from reliable, well-researched, and trusted suppliers, because we only want the best for you and your pets.

How We Do It

Our established and dependable customer-focused services are sustained through an efficient go-to-market program and a commitment to sourcing products that focus on great value for your money.

Using a proprietary technology structure, we empower small-to-medium sized pet product retailers by transforming how they source. This is supported by connecting retailers to the world’s best pet product factories.

For our consumers, zooneepet helps passionate pet owners easily connect to our unique, quality pet products. Happy pets, happier humans!

Why We Do It

We understand the unique challenges faced by pet owners and pet product retailers alike. Your passion is our passion, and so we work diligently to ensure that you never have to struggle to choose between functional and innovative products.

As a team, we nurture a pack mentality that focuses on diversity, efficiency and quality. We are committed to showing pets everywhere how much their humans love and appreciate them.

That’s us… from nose to tail!